Fun with Peeps

Peeps are one of the most popular sweets found in every Easter basket. But their popularity goes beyond digesting an unhealthy sugary snack. Sugar + moisture + pockets of air = cool experiments and I have gathered some fun ideas to get you started. 


Explore how the volume of gas expands a marshmallow as it heats up by putting a Peep in the microwave. Here's more information about the science behind this.

Experiment different chemical reactions with simple household materials. Here are some ideas: put a peep in a plastic bag or bowl and add:

  • vinegar and baking soda
  • hydrogen peroxide and vinegar
  • water and borax 
  • yeast and water 

Try closing the plastic bag and see what happens. Try this Dissolving Peeps Experiment. There are a ton of combinations you can experiment and learn from. 

Discover color density by dissolving different colored and number of Peeps to create a sugar rainbow. 


Mix colors with water and paint a Peep. 

Try this experiment with milk and dish soap.

Make a diorama with Peeps.

Direct your own Peep Show movie starring Peeps.


There is an endless amount of possibilities for math activities with Peeps. Peeps can be used to count, sort, add to more complicated fractions. Here are some fun elementary level math ideas.

For older kids try this: How many Peeps are sold at Easter?

Here are some other ideas you can do.

Who knew Peeps could be so much fun! Do you have any ideas to share?