10 Tahoe Alternatives To Skiing

As storms continue to drench the Bay Area, you can expect more snowfall in the Sierra in the coming weeks. That means a winter storm watch could be in effect over the February break. Here are ten suggestions on what to do with the kids when your downhill ski plans don’t always go as planned, for whatever the reason!

1. Cross Country/Nordic Skiing.  This is a great way to introduce your kids to standing on 2 skinny sticks for the first time.  It’s also an incredibly enlightening experience for even the biggest littlest downhill hot dogger.  When my kids were toddlers, we called it scoot skiing.  The skis are light, the boots are way more comfortable, and talk about down hill fun.  I’ve never snow plowed so hard, than on xc skis!  is always on my xc ski’s!  It’s exhilorating fun!  And kids are amazing on these skis!  Take the time and teach them young to enjoy this sport.  Give it a shot yourself if you haven’t tried.   It’s fitness & fun, and a fraction of the cost of downhill skiing.  All our cross country ski areas are super family friendly, offer great food & a simplistic atmosphere.  Check them out!

2. Woodward at Tahoe Trampolines, Foam pits, indoor skate park, tumbling area…need I say more! 

3. Ice Skating!  Bring your own skates or rent at any of these great spots in/around Truckee/North Tahoe. 

  • Northstar is a great place to skate + more! Food, drinks, fire pits, smore’s, bungee trampoline, arts & crafts, oh my! Our 2 local park and recreation departments also offer ice skating.

  • The Truckee Ice Rink which is located at the Regional Park off Brockway Blvd.

  • The Tahoe City Ice Rink is located at the Winter Sports Park. You can also enjoy the sledding, fat biking and cross country skiing all in one place here!

4. Kidszone!  It’s a micro version of the larger children museums of the Bay Area.  And a great place to take the lil tykes!

5. Sledding!  A few fun places to hit and sleds/tubes provided.  

6. Swim Yes, pack your suits!  When the weather can be unpredictable, a pool is the ultimate option for kids and adults to get their wiggles out.  Truckee Donner Rec & Park Department opened a brand new community pool in Sept. 2016.  A great alternative activity when your outdoor Winter plans, just don’t go as planned.

7. Hot chocolate, whipped cream, a warm fire and some classic card games.  No better way & place to spend quality time with the kids then in Tahoe teaching them some classic card games.  Pick your favorites or learn a new one together at Bicycle Cards

8. Cook dinner together.  Plan the meal, give them a task.  You’re in Tahoe!  Relax, breath and have some fun in the kitchen together.  Enough said.

9. Go outside and build a snowman/snow fort.  Well, maybe not you…but the kids for sure!  And if you’re feeling like you need the workout, then join ‘em! Crawl around, slide around, toss some snowballs, grab a shovel and dig…it’s crossfit Tahoe style.  Be prepared for hungry lil’ bodies after a few hours of good old fashioned snow play.  Have the hot chocolate + extra marshmellows ready! 

10. Build puzzles, read books, catch the latest Netflix release…wow!  Just relax, stare out the windows into Winter Wonderland and remember, life is good!  And don’t forget to step outside and catch a snowflake on your tongue!

Winter in Tahoe is true bliss.  Why?  Because you have ventured into what I call, “decompression zone”.  No matter what the weather may bring, you are AWAY and lasting memories are bound to be made.  You actually may end up seeing your Bay Area neighbors more while in Tahoe then you actually see them at home.  That was my experience before moving to Tahoe full-time.  

Remember, whatever you choose to do while in Tahoe, it’s high mountain living.  Which to me means, fresh air, gorgeous vistas, family, community, recreation, slowing down a bit, and living the dream.  Hope to see you out and about when you visit!

Kari Chalstrom is a Realtor living in Truckee/Tahoe.  She moved from Marin to this amazing mountain community full time in 2012.  She has 3 children, Daxton 12, Bryer 10 and Jillian (almost 9!) and 1 dog, Pippa!  She spent most of the Summer and countless Winter weekends at their tiny cabin at Donner Lake after Jillian was born.  She and her husband decided to give it a go as “full-timers” and shifted their business focuses to Truckee/Tahoe.  “No regrets” she says!  She loves to share her mountain experiences & the community with other families & friends, as well as guide people to buying a mountain home of their dreams!  She and her family are all about high mountain living!

You can follow Kari on Facebook, on Twitter, on Pinterest, on Instagram, and Linkedin.  To contact Kari about buying or selling your mountain home visit her online.