Kids' Passover and Easter Book Recommendations

Consider these great holiday book recommendation from Susan Kunhardt, Children's Book Buyer at Book Passage for children.

E Is for Easter (Board Books) By Greg Paprocki, $9.99, ages 0-3. 

Introduce your brilliant baby to the ABCs with this colorfully illustrated primer about the joys of Easter.

In the latest alphabet primer from artist Greg Paprocki, Easter and the rites of spring are celebrated with Paprocki's wonderful colorful and vintage-looking illustrations. Your toddlers can enjoy illustrations of such things as the Easter Bunny, baskets overflowing with candy, children decorating Easter eggs, an Easter egg hunt, and beautiful springtime flowers.

Betty Bunny Loves Easter by Michael Kaplan. $16.99, ages 3-6. 

Betty Bunny is back, and she’s still a “handful,” according to her family. Betty loves Easter, and she desperately wants to be the Easter Bunny when she grows up. Trouble is, her egg-finding skills leave a lot to be desired.  But she doesn’t want her helpful siblings to fill her basket—she wants to find the eggs by herself. 

Here Comes the Easter Cat by Deborah Underwood. $16.99, ages 3-5.

The lovable and lazy cat from Here Comes Santa Cat is back, and now has his eye on the Easter Bunny’s job. But as the narrator explains his new duties, the cat decides that the job is much more work than he expected—and doesn’t leave much time for naps.

Llama Llama Easter Egg by Anna Dewdney. $5.99, ages 2-5.

The Easter Bunny brings Llama lots of treats, including jelly beans and colorful eggs. The best surprise of all comes when Llama peeks into the bushes and finds a nest with three beautiful blue robin’s eggs—and they’re hatching!

Click, Clack, Peep! Doreen Cronin. $17.99, ages 3-6.

Farmer Brown’s farm (from Click, Clack, Moo) has a new, adorable, and LOUD duckling to deal with. This little puff of fluff just won’t go to sleep, and his play-with-me “peeps” are keeping the whole barnyard awake with him. What finally puts the little cheeper to sleep? Tractor rides, back and forth across the farm—just like a baby in a stroller.

Here is the World: A Year of Jewish Holidays by Leslea Newman$18.95, all ages.

This lovely picture book is a joyous celebration of Jewish holidays throughout the year for younger children. Beginning with the weekly ritual of Shabbat, readers join a Jewish family through the seasons of the year and the corresponding holidays.

The Story of Passover by David Adler. $6.99, ages 5-8.

The story of how Moses led his people out of slavery is rendered in simple text and vibrant illustrations. Also includes backmatter explaining the traditional Seder.

Pippa's Passover Plate, By Vivian Kirkfield, $17.99, ages 4-8.

Sundown is near, and it's almost time for the Seder to begin-- but where is Pippa's special Passover plate? 

A charming story with a happy ending, Pippa's Passover Plate pairs simple, rhyming text with bright paintings by Jill Weber, illustrator of The Story of Passover and The Story of Esther. In bravely facing her animal neighbors, this adorable little mouse finds not only her missing Seder plate-- but new friends.