5 Steps To The Future With A Summer At MVCode

MVCode Summer Camps is the perfect time to explore coding, robotics and online production while socializing with other likeminded kids. This summer, learn to code through one of these fun custom designed activities:

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About YouTubing

YouTubing Fundamentals: Campers will spend the week learning the basics of creating and editing videos and see what it takes to become a YouTuber! By the end of this week long camp, campers will have at least 1 five-minute video uploaded to their YouTube channel using footage from either Minecraft or Roblox. Campers learn the basics of recording videos, editing footage, photo editing, YouTube account setup, tips to running a successful channel, and internet safety.

Clever Advanced Coding Solutions For Minecraft

Minecraft: Minecraft loving master game planners will be thrilled to make their own unique puzzle dungeon game! Design and code your own next adventure in a mysterious forest temple with brainteasers for game players to solve as they explore and unveil new challenges room by room. Create new custom items and mobs to help the player maneuver through your new world and equip them for the final challenge -- an EPIC boss fight!

Fundamentals Guaranteed To Inspire

Coding Fundamentals: Embark on your coding journey with Scratch or JavaScript using any one of our custom projects. Learn how to create the arcade space game 2001: Space Conqueror in Scratch. Or delve into the ins and outs of coding with JavaScript with our custom Helicopter Game module. Each project will walk you through the creation of a classic game one step at a time while teaching you to the most in demand programming languages. More experienced coders also have the tools to take their amazing games to the next level with one of our custom challenges. Or design an original project from the ground up giving you the freedom and guidance to help you achieve your personal goals.

Learn How Advanced Robotics Will Change The Future

Robotics: This summer MVCode is offering a robotics camp for 2-4th graders. Campers will either make a robotic car or pet robot. Kick your engineering skills up a few notches! Campers who have successfully completed our Construction Bot Bead Challenge can advance their skills by building robots that combine maze-solving and line-following skills on our high-speed pathfinder relay race. You can also build your own custom remote controller of your dreams from scratch.

Weird But Effective Tricks For Advanced Unity

Unity: Build a Zelda-style RPG game! Donโ€™t muck about trying to learn Unity blindly. Youโ€™ll just end up with a pile of scripts and assets you wonโ€™t know what to do with. MVCode teaches you step-by-step advanced animations techniques to make a player that runs and jumps around the screen and can hold and use different items. You can even choose between First-Person and Third-Person mode to make an even better version of your favorite games!

Camps are offered only at MV Code now in San Mateo, San Francisco, Greenbrae, Mill Valley and Redwood City. These classes fill up fast. Act now or itโ€™s gameOver.