Sponsor: Parties Without Pressure

Your birthday girl or boy and their friends will have a blast creating gorgeous fused glass art at I Made It Glass! Creations. They have a fun and festive party room, each attendee will create a one of a kind glass art project that is then put in a kiln and heated to nearly 1500 degrees, melting the glass colors together to a beautiful personalized souvenir. 

A dedicated staff member will instruct and inspire your group in the use of fused glass to ensure your party is a wonderful success. The room is yours for 1 ½ hours, which is the perfect amount of time to make a project, have food/cake and open presents - a no mess, no fuss turn key art party with over 100 art projects to fit every budget. 

For those desiring a fully turn-key party, I Made It Glass! Creations is a proud partner with Parties on Point San Francisco and they can even bring the party to you with their off-site Party Pop-up program. 

I Made It Glass! Creations is the perfect kids party for ages 3 – 18.  Young children will use tumbled safety glass and every party guest receives a free glass magnet party favor. Kids and adults will be amazed at their fused glass creations, which are often considered the best of all goodie bags.

From now through Halloween, the studio is offering 10% off all parties (kids, youth and adults) held on weekdays. I Made It Glass! Creations is located at 1938 4th Street (West End of 4th Street) and on weekends have plenty of free parking on the street and in our lot just past the studio.  Contact them at (628) 234-1005 or book your party online, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and enter Code: BIRTHDAY10