Summertime Shakespeare Performances + Tips

To see, or not to see, that is the question: Whether 'tis comedy or tragedy; your budding Bard will be delighted to experience these Shakespeare performances. Break out the picnic blanket or hit the theater for all these great opportunities to catch quality, engaging and accessible Shakespeare performances for the entire family to enjoy. 

Tips When Taking Kids To See Shakespeare

1. Age recommendations depends on your child. I started taking my daughter when she was 4. She's now 15 and looks forward to seeing these performances every year. She did not always follow the language but was able to follow the plot. Consider how long they can sit and stay engaged. Some performances have age restrictions. Most encourage parents to use their best judgement as to their child’s readiness for the experience.

2. Discuss the story in advance. Even though kids won't understand all the language, they can still follow the action. Preparing them will help them understand who the main characters are and the story line.

3. Eat, Drink and Be Merry. Bring a picnic or purchase it at the performance. However crunchy foods like chips and crackers can be very distracting to your neighbors. Try to refrain from eating this during the performance.

4. Mother Nature is watching. If you are attending an outdoor performance, keep your food covered whenever possible, be sure to dispose of your trash and recyclables.

5. Dress appropriately. Don't forget water and sunscreen if the performance is outdoors. 

6. Be courteous. We are so lucky to experience these plays along with our neighbors. Infants and toddlers are always welcome but at least one parent or guardian should be prepared to take a break with them outside the theatre space if needed.