U-Pick & Farm Tours in the Bay Area

Meet your farmers on Weekend Along the Farm Trails on October 13 & 14, when Sonoma County farmers open their gates & barn doors to offer a taste of life on the farm. Most of the stops are FREE. All you need is transportation, a map of your route, a cooler to keep your purchases fresh, and a sense of adventure! Register FREE today.


Apple-picking season is finally here. Peak months for picking apples are September and October so plan a trip to one of these  awesome orchards where you can enjoy the seasonal bounty and pick your own apples.


Berry picking runs for strawberries (April through June), raspberries (July through September), blackberries (July through August) and blueberries, ollallieberries & raspberries (July through September) and are all so delicious.


Nut drop usually occurs from October thru mid-November. Wear thick gloves, as the burs can be sharp enough to penetrate even the sturdiest gloves.


Nectarines, cherries, mangoes, apricots, peaches and plums all fall under the name “stone fruits.” That's because they contain large hard seeds. Harvesting usually starts in early September - October. 


There's more to pumpkins than Halloween decor. Pumpkins are nutritious and versatile. Whether you plan to carve or eat, your family will have a great time picking the perfect pumpkin.

* Always contact these u-pick farms to find out when their bounty will be ready before venturing out.