There’s a lot I could tell you about me

I have been tracking events in the Bay Area for a long time because I LOVE being out with my awesome kid and I cannot wait to tell you about it. I still refuse to get a cell phone and prefer to ride my bike with a camera permanently attached to the open eye.

But, you're here now, so lend me your eyeballs a mo' and I'll give you some snapshots of me, at least so far.

I’m a mom. I've always wanted to be a mom. Then in 2003, I was blessed with an awesome, dinosaur-loving daughter who inspires me every day. I started taking pictures of her and people love my images so much, I became...

A photographer, web and graphic designer. I love taking pictures and my work has appeared in San Francisco Magazine and 7x7. I'm a food photographer, business, pet portraits and I especially love taking pictures of children. If you are interested in booking a photo session with me or need a website or marketing collateral done, please send me an email at ronniesawesomelist@gmail.com. Why children? Well; to start with...

I’m unabashedly playful. I love secret places to discover, geocaching, exploding messy science and art experiments and finding all the fun things to do with my own awesome kid and share them with you. And mainly, I love making children giggle. Which is how Ronnie's Awesome List was born. Think of me as....

Your guide. This is the list I always wished I had as a busy mom but could never find. It is the most comprehensive list of great family-friendly events and with just 1-click, you have all the information you need. Spend a little time around here, and you’ll see why this is The Ultimate Kids Events Round-Up In Marin And Beyond.

If you have an event or fundraiser you want to include in my listing, don’t be shy, I am really nice and like people and animals (and presents!) Keep up to date on the fabulous events happening in Marin County and the whole Bay Area actually.

Thank you for lending me your eyeballs, they're lovely, you may have them back.

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