A Love Letter to You

San Francisco Symphony @ Stern Grove

San Francisco Symphony @ Stern Grove

It is official: February 1st, the month of love has arrived and I'm really feelin' the love. 

I LOVE THAT I get to raise my daughter in the Bay Area, one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

I LOVE THAT the Bay Area is celebrating many milestones this year:

I LOVE THAT men and women had the foresight to campaign against the urban development of this land. They have given us the gift of beautiful natural surroundings, open space we cherish, saved countless numbers of flora and fauna species, left us miles of unspoiled terrain for public enjoyment and reliable water supply from local sources. To these bold and dedicated citizens, who started a grassroots movement to make a difference that effects us all, I thank you every day for your tireless work to preserve these lands for us all to enjoy! You inspire me to fight for what I believe in.

I LOVE THAT Ronnie's Awesome List has an incredible and loyal following. I've had the privilege to interview amazing people, cover the most fantastic events and support the families and businesses in my community. I cannot thank you and my AWESOME sponsors MVCode, Cyber Garage and Outschool enough.

I LOVE THAT tomorrow, Groundhog's Day, is my birthday and I get to celebrate it with my family at the Kronos Festival 2017: Here & Now and fill my soul with some of my favorite music at SFJAZZ, one of my favorite music venues.

My heart is full, I'm grateful and I LOVE THAT.