July 16 - 20  β€’  10am - 4pm

BEHIND THE SCENES is your chance to get the inside scoop on the film industry. Students participate in interactive workshops with industry professionals from every corner of the business. Learn about editing, screenwriting, cinematography, producing, directingβ€”and find out what other film professionals such as foley artists, sound designers, stunt people, wardrobe and make-up artists do.


July 31 - August 2  β€’  10am - 4pm

Ever wonder how movies get selected for the Mill Valley Film Festival? Now you can be a part of the jury that selects the films for the program of youth-produced shorts at MVFF41. Students will screen short films from all over the globe and learn how to curate the program for presentation to the public in our annual festival in October, alongside world-class independent and studio features. To qualify for the jury, students must have attended BEHIND THE SCENES during the first week of Summerfilm.