Fun with Glass: 3 Ways to Break Your Creative Slump in the Bay Area

Stuck in a rut this Ski Week? Crash through that mental block and enter the magical world of glass art. The Bay Area is home to very affordable and accessible ways to smash, fuse and blow glass. Here are three local places to create your next glassterpiece and rediscover that artistic mojo.


I Made It Glass! Creations is nestled on the periphery of the main shopping area in San Rafael. The bonus; ample parking and no meters! Step in and find a wide variety of colorful and practical fuse glass projects that literally anyone can do. With quick instruction, your off and creating. Children as young as three can dive into the Wee Bin while others choose from a full spectrum of trays full of colorful glass chards, rods and shapes. This is a great way to explore a new art form without commitment....but you'll be back for more. Drop in anytime, they're OPEN this Ski Week, and sign up for summer camp.

Contact: I Made It Glass! Creations, 1938 4th Street, San Rafael, (628) 234-1005,


The Crucible is an Oakland nonprofit that provides training in fine and industrial arts, including glass art. If you’ve ever dreamed of learning the creative art of glass blowing, The Crucible is for you! Glass classes focus on flame working, glass fusing, slumping, cold working and other glass techniques. Perfect for dabblers to seasoned artists with entry-level glass flame-working class to advanced marble-making techniques and stained-glass sculpture. Youth programs available.

Contact: The Crucible, 1260 Seventh St., Oakland. (510) 444-0919,


Half Moon Bay Glass has a limited number of projects but is perfect for groups interested to try glassblowing. Look for little barn with a big yellow sign that says "Glass Blowing" on Route 92. The owner, Douglass (seriously, that's his name); welcomes groups ages 13+, helping each person construct their unique colorful masterpiece of molten glass while the others looked on with incredible excitement. 

Roll. Color. Gather. Roll. Reheat. Blow. Shape. Roll. Gather. Reheat. Mold. Blow. Fire…..and in about 20 minutes of one-on-one instruction your masterpiece will be done! Each piece stunning and a great memory and a basic hands-on understanding of the ancient art of glass blowing. Something to treasure forever.

Contact: Half Moon Bay Glass, 12341 San Mateo Rd. (at La Nebbia Winery), (650)

Hopefully you see the glass as half full now. Head over to these fantastic places to create your very own memory of glass making fun.