Q&A With Flotsam and Jetsam, "The Little Mermaid" At The Marin Theatre Company

The Little Mermaid 
By Hans Christian Andersen
Marin Theatre Company | 397 Miller Avenue, Mill Valley, CA 94941

Contact: marintheatre.org | (415) 388-5208 | boxoffice@marintheatre.org
February 27-March 6
Recommended for ages 5-8
Run time 30 minutes

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A cast of two storytellers, Flotsam (Elana Wright) and Jetsam (Daniel Keith Jones), bring fresh energy to the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale, The Little Mermaid, live at The Marin Theatre Company in Mill Valley. I recently swam down to meet this dynamic duo for a behind the seas interview.

How can I spot a mermaid?

Well, mermaid tracking is pretty dangerous work for a human....generally, you would only see or hear them during a storm while on board a sinking ship. However, with today's technology, a submarine might get you to the Sea King's Palace if you kept your eyes peeled for some beautiful red and blue sea plants and treasures from sunken ships. 

Do you think there are actually people walking with around today that were once real mermaids? 

Well, the Sea Witch seems to know a lot about how to make it happen, so we imagine it must be possible....However it seems incredibly risky and dangerous, and our mermaid fails to succeed, so probably not. 

Can the sea witch make a human into a mermaid? 

Hmmmm....maybe? The Sea witch lives way down in the dark depths. So, you'd again need that submarine, and you'd probably have to fork over your tongue or worse to her, so we wouldn't recommend it. 

Do you know the spell for me to become a mermaid and what would I have to sacrifice?

It is not an easy or a pleasant process making such a huge change in your life. First you'd have to take a magical potion consisting of crocodile tears, sea witch blood, snakes, and probably some other yucky stuff. The obvious sacrifice would be your legs, if the same rules apply you'd also have to get a mer-person to fall in love with you. 

What other talents besides singing do mermaids have?

Dancing! Collecting treasures from sunken ships. They're pretty good at swimming too :) 

Have you ever known anyone else besides the mermaid and her sisters who have asked the sea witch for help?

There is a legend that the Sea Witch herself was once a mermaid who made a deal in order to gain her magical powers.........

Can kids create their own aquatic friends?

Yes, as a matter of fact, before the show, children will be provided materials to create their very own decorative fish to hang on a wall or a “twirling mermaid” to hang from the ceiling. Additionally, Marin Theatre Company is again partnering with Amazing Fairytale Parties to offer young patrons the chance to meet a real-life Little Mermaid for children and families to take pictures with!  

Dive right into the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale! When a sea witch offers a beautiful mermaid princess the chance to make her dreams come true, it comes at a heavy price. The Little Mermaid sacrifices the best parts of herself—her tail and her voice—for legs, in the hope of winning the heart of the prince she adores. But the sea witch isn’t finished with her yet. Will love conquer all? Find out at The Little Mermaid performance at the Marin Theatre Company. Tickets on sale now!