Holton Rower Inspired Pour Paint Project with Little Tree Art Studios

I probably use more paint than anybody in the history of art.
— Holton Rower

This quote from Holton Rower might have been true but he probably hasn't been to Little Tree Art Studios. Just look at how much fun this super cool project is for your budding Little Artists. As you can see, getting messy has its upsides. You can try this fun project at home OR avoid the clean up and head to Little Tree Art Studios, a beautiful slice of creative heaven in San Anselmo.

Materials Needed

10 Dixie cups of paint half full

A variety of acrylic colors

A large and vertical object that you can pour the paint over like a pumpkin or wood sculpture

Drop cloth

Cardboard scrap


Lay out your drop cloth outside in the sun or a large table. 


Put your wood sculpture or object onto your cardboard scrap and place it onto the drop cloth.  This will catch the run off paint. 


Pick your first color and pour just a little of the paint at the very center top of your sculpture.  Then pick another color and drop just a little at the very top again into the 1st color.  Keep choosing colors and layering them and you will start to see the paint pool and glide down the sculpture in multiple β€œrivers”.  Keep the pours at the top and in the center and you will get an elaborate marbled effect on your sculpture. 


Be careful to stop pouring once the paint starts to hit the bottom of the sculpture. The paint does continue to move outward.  


Let the sculpture dry for a few days. And Voila! A beautiful masterpiece! 

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