MVCode - Camps During School Breaks - Year Round

Remember those great moments at summer camp when you learned new skills and forged new friendships? Now technology camps are the rage and MVCode’s wildly popular Minecraft and other coding camps are offered year round during school breaks. The next MVCode camp is on the Columbus Day holiday and then camps are offered over Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring breaks.

Just like summer camps, the opportunity to meet likeminded kids from all over is helping to form life-long friendships at MVCode’s camps. Campers ideas blossom when they connect with others kids who share the same interests. And with the encouragement of an attentive counselor, kids learn to build on their own ideas and collaborate with others in a supportive environment.

Coding is an engaging and practical way for campers to hone both their creativity and their math skills, often without them even realizing. MVCode camp is like their warm up exercise at the gym, it sharpens the mind and strengthens problem-solving abilities. So, if you try to limit screen time at home, then this is a perfect opportunity to establish that balanced screen time at MVCode campwith homework and other activities.

Not only does MVCode offer girls only classes and programs, but they also offer girls only camps. MVCode Camp is perfect for girls interested in math, science and engineering. Research has shown that introducing girls to coding at an earlier age makes them more than seven times more likely to pursue engineering in college. MVCode does a great job to create high-interest curricula that will lead girls in this direction and close the gender gap.

At MVCode Camp, campers learn to customize minecraft servers by creating their own minecraft plugins using JavaScript. Since minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world, and JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming languages, learning how to create their own mods motivates them to learn more. This coding education provides skills that are helpful in nearly every profession. 

Although, today's camp looks different from the nostalgic camps of yesteryear, the basic fundamental lessons learned at camp remain the same. Learning new skills, making new friends and getting prepared for the future. Check out MVCode's year round holiday camps held during school breaks to learn more.