Save the Date: Singers Marin - "Singin' All Over"

About Singers Marin

Who is Singers Marin:

  • Singers Marin offers opportunities for both amateur and professional singers

  • We develop in young people a love for the choral art

  • Provide a musical education for participants of all ages and levels

  • Come together to form a common bond through the joy of singing

  • Never turning away an eager singer for lack of funds

What does Singers Marin do:

  • We create choral music of exceptional artistic quality

  • Present concert seasons for the enjoyment of the general public

  • Perform repertoire of diversified musical styles

  • Contribute to the professional field through our Choral Commissioning Project

What Singers Marin values:

  • Being one of Marin's finest community arts organizations

  • Serving the community through charitable performances

  • Sharing the gift of song with the elderly and confined

Singers Marin is a sponsor of Ronnie’s Awesome List.