S.T.E.A.M. Back to School!

What is STEAM and why is it important?

Not every kid needs to grow up to become a scientist, engineer or designer, but in this ever-changing world, everyone needs to grow up to think like one. That need has led to a new emphasis on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) education across the world. 

As we head back to school this fall, think about this: studies have shown that if kids have not positively engaged in STEAM activities by the time they reach middle school, they are more likely to lose interest in STEAM subjects altogether by high school, especially when it comes to girls. Kids that feel even moderate anxiety around STEAM subjects simply don’t engage at the same pace as kids that are excited by STEAM. They may fall behind and find STEAM studies are too boring, too hard, or worse β€” not worth it.

As parents, we all want to give our kids the best opportunities possible. When we introduce our kids early to STEAM experiences that are memorable and fun, that exposure will become a foundation that serves them through high school and beyond. 

β€œWhat will you make today?” 

That’s our favorite question to ask at Cyber Garage! It’s a question that ignites a passion within students to create, to explore, to venture into the unfamiliar and learn. Our design-and-build educational approach lets natural enthusiasm lead the way to understanding critical principles of STEAM. Our mission is to make all kids feel comfortable working with any type of technology and to give them the confidence to take on any design build or engineering challenge. 

Cyber Garage believes it’s time to teach kids that they can make whatever they can dream up. They cannot only understand principles of STEAM but master them. And most importantly they can have fun learning! 

Cyber Garage is a Makerspace, Robotics & Tech Lab in San Anselmo that offers classes, workshops, birthday parties and camps for K-12 that engage kids in STEAM principles through technology and project based learning to help kids develop creative confidence, critical thinking, perseverance, collaboration and communication skills, which set them up for success in school and beyond. Their goal is to make learning fun and exciting β€” by giving kids the ability to think creatively and employ knowledge that is applicable to the real world just like a scientist or engineer working in the field. 

Immerse your kids in STEAM at Cyber Garage this fall with classes in Design & Build Engineering, Coding, Game Design, Digital Arts, Robotics and More!

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