STEM Superhero Festival


Ice Escape (Friday only for Ages 0-3)

Toddlers will use their superpowers to rescue common objects that have been trapped in ice!
Times TBD

All-Day Programs for All Ages:

Up, Up, and Away
Flight and levitation are two popular superpowers. Children will explore these super skills by creating their own flying machines to test on zip lines, and watching as things levitate in our wind tunnel.

DIY Comic Strips
Design a pop art style comic strip that can depict a super scene of your own imagination.

Superhero Training Course
Test your super speed, super strength, and other super abilities as you conquer our super obstacle course.

Amazing Animals
Animals have superpowers too! Explore the amazing adaptations that help animals thrive. Then create your own super animal by putting together the most advantageous animal adaptations.

Stay tuned for more activities!

Super STEM Gadgets
Some superheroes aren’t born with powers. Instead, they use high-tech gear and gadgets to save the day! Inspired by these heroes, children will use recycled materials to design their own super gear and gadgets.

Lights, Camera, Action
Become the star of your own superhero movie! Children can get creative during a photoshoot by acting out scenes in costumes, planning storylines, or taking a seat in the director’s chair.

Galaxy Quest
A cosmic adventure awaits you at the Art Studio’s Tactile Table. Children will sculpt planets, examine space rocks, and more with our galaxy kinetic sand.

In the Fab Lab, test your super-hearing capabilities as you explore the powers and properties of a novel tool called a piezo disc.

All STEM Superhero Festival programs and activities are included in the price of admission or free for members!

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