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Carnaval San Francisco

  • Harrison Street San Francisco, CA United States (map)

Come celebrate with us at the 40th annual Carnaval San Francisco! The 2018 Grand Parade will be held on May 27th at 9:30am. Watch a brilliant procession of contingents, most of which will feature beautifully adorned floats depicting rich multicultural themes and featuring performers who engage and entertain the crowds. Experience global cuisine, international music, dance, arts & crafts, and other fun activities and entertainment on every street corner for the entire family to enjoy.

Roots of Carnaval / Raíces del Carnaval

A tree’s branches, leaves, and fruit give it beauty, but its strength lies in what is not seen–its roots. The roots sustain the tree through changing weather and seasons, providing nourishment and grounding. Without strong roots, a tree topples in a storm and withers in a drought.

As Carnaval San Francisco enters its 40th year, we acknowledge our formidable roots. We pay homage to those who came before us and the efforts made to create this multicultural community that we have in the Bay Area. Many revelers from throughout the Bay Area grew up dancing in the parade and are now seeing their children and grandchildren do the same. The desire to keep Carnaval going runs deep because it affirms a joyous, community effort that is celebrated by all generations.

Since 1978, Carnaval has been more than a celebration, it has been a space to reconnect with our African, indigenous, as well as our mestizo roots. The stories, dances, and colors of our forefathers come to life in the parade and festival to celebrate our triumphs and struggles. Although our roots are spread throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, our cultures unite in our annual Carnaval tradition.

For forty years, we have had the privilege of building an event where music, art, and dance from Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States convene in harmony. Although cultural appropriation and gentrification threaten the longevity of multicultural spaces in the Mission District, we have successfully kept our ancestors’ traditions alive and thriving in San Francisco.

Our roots are our ancestors–they keep us centered and protect us in times of trial and tribulation. Without them, Carnaval San Francisco would not have reached the current level of success in the beautiful and constantly evolving landscape that is our home. In the spirit of our ancestors, community artists, and organizers who paved the way for today’s culture-bearers, we dedicate our much anticipated 40th Anniversary to the Raíces del Carnaval, the Roots of Carnaval.

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