A Hilarious Night Out with 3 Blonde Moms and Giveaway

You might not know it yet, but 3 Blonde Moms is about to become your new favorite comedy trio. These PTA/daycare refuges have just what moms need to laugh about things that would normally make us want to cry and I have 2 tickets to giveaway to a lucky Ronnie's Awesome List winner.

They’re attracting all sorts of adoration from moms across the nation with their hilarious hit “See How They Run," packed with brutally observed momma drama. They will be at the 142 Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley on Thursday October 1st. Featuring the tell-it-like-it-is mom Beaumont Bacon and the hilarious Stephanie Blum. Now meet the founder, Joanie Fagan, she’s the perkiest percocet mom of the bunch here to touch upon some of the fun we share at Club Mom.

As I write this, it’s back to school time. Any words of advice?

Oh yes! “First day of school pix" blitz. No one can believe they're 'baby' is growing up. Then all of a sudden I thought "yikes, am I aging?". Noooo. 

Last minute gotta haves.

Ugh! "I gotta have this for school...tomorrow!". It's always at night at bedtime. Then I panic. Improvise. Get up even earlier. Then in the morning. "No it's ok, mom. We can wait for next week." Phew. 

Carpool cool. 

Wish someone would invent pajama loungy in my car line of clothes. Off chance I have to get out of the car for any reason. They can be pj/day wear hybrid. In case.

Halloween is just around the corner and many moms are thinking about costumes. 

I have funny pic of my daughter at about 4 years old. She wanted to look like Little Mermaid and ended up looking like little drag Queen. Also my daughter always has to have a certain costume way in advance, then the one she ends up wearing on Halloween. I always have two. 

Is there anyone who inspires you?

Call Me Cait has inspired me to be more of a woman. I feel bad I am a woman and all that glam has always been available to me. Of course, I'm happy when any group gets supported, and fully acknowledge how much help she can do for others, but I'm stepping out of my sweats. I feel inspired. 

What do you think of those awkward play dates?

School play dates eventually turn into "hanging out". You just hope you like hanging out with the other mommies. We have to be chameleons. Open and friendly. On 'fleek.' Accommodate all the different dietary needs of the kids now...and the parents. Rules about who can do what activity or what they can watch on TV. I'm already exhausted just thinking about this. 

"Fleek?" I have to break out out a translator all the time with my daughter.

Oh yes, re "on fleek". My 14 year old has to explain terms to me. I also have to learn new songs and dances. The nay nay. The whip. Looks like "running man" stopped and "the sprinkler" to me. 

Sneak out of the house for a wee menage à trois on Thursday October 1st, 8pm at the 142 Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley. This show is so much fun and a great way to strengthen your Kegels. So make a date to celebrate who we are now and realize that we’re all just doing the best that we can, because once in a while, moms just need to have a good laugh.