Father’s Day Literacy Gift Campaign

This Father's Day, give a gift that gives back. When you donate to Tandem in the name of/honor of a beloved Dad or father-figure, you can send them an e-card to let them know of the donation made in their name. A donation that provides families in need with high-quality children’s books to share again and again. A donation that brings a family closer through the simple, powerful ritual of bonding over books. A donation that gives a Bay Area father an opportunity to prepare his children for school success.

Tandem, Partners in Early Learning is an education equity nonprofit delivering early literacy and family engagement programming in the Bay Area. Through programs like StoryCycles, Early Learning Everywhere, and Literacy Champions, they bring opportunities to leverage the passions and talents of children and the adults who care for them to support each child’s early learning and future success. Visit them at tandembayarea.org or contact Julie@tandembayarea.org to volunteer or get involved.