Little Tree Studio’s Top Crafty Blogs

Ronnie's Awesome List presents a guest article by Nichole Farnum, Founder of Little Tree Studios, offering Summer Camps for Little Artists ages 5–13 years located in San Anselmo, CA. 

As an art teacher I’ve been asked many times what websites or blogs “inspire” me. There’s no easy answer to that question because I’m so motivated by the work of others, from the great masters to individuals. Sure, there’s the usual go to places like Pinterest but there’s just so many great crafty websites and blogs on the internet to peruse through. I even have my own BLOG! It’s almost impossible to narrow the long list of recommendations to worthy websites, blogs, and communities, but here are my personal favorites that get my creativity juices flowing.


I hope you enjoy getting a small peek at what inspires me. Come spend your summer making art at Little Tree Art Studios! We offer Summer Camps from 9-3pm for Little Artists ages 5–13 years.  


Little Artists will design and carve a rubber stamp to use to make a print similar to geometrical patterns that you find on Moroccan fabrics, flooring and dishes. We will teach students how to carve and ink a rubber stamp with their original designs so that they can repeat it over and over to make a repetitive pattern. Artists can print their design on cotton fabric which will be turned into a wall hanging or framed in glass and then also printed on a pillow! 2 pieces of art! 

Monday-Friday, June 18-22 | 5 days | 9-3 pm | 5-13 yrs

Little Artists in this camp have a choice of how to design their cardboard suitcase. They can choose to create a board game or a home for a family. Artists who choose to create a home, will explore all the different kinds of scenes our homes and families could be set in; an ocean, space, a bedroom or maybe a castle. Little Artists will draw up their plans of how to paint their backgrounds of their homes and the features they will plan to build inside. Four wooden peg members will be given out to be turned into the family members; family of Cats, Glittered Unicorns, Candy Crazed People, Pandas, Fairies, Fish or maybe a Penguin family. Artists who choose to design a board game with their suitcases will plan out the whole game; including the name/logo, the game board, game pieces/cards/dice and rule book. 

Monday-Friday, June 25-29 | 5 days | 9-3 pm | 5-13 yrs


During this summer camp week, Little Artists will be inspired by the artist, Tracey Ann Finley, who creates recycled art using soda cans. Starting with a primed square wood canvas and a crushed can, artists will create an animal of choice from the shape they see in the crushed can. OR even an expressive self portrait! -The possibilities are endless! Artists will use acrylic paint and learn about layering and using complimentary colors and patterns to give their final work all the attention it needs to stand out! The final pieces are lacquered by teachers. 

Monday-Friday, July 16-20 | 5 days | 9-3 pm | 5-13 yrs

During this summer art camp, Little Artists will make a beautiful hot air balloon using plaster sheets. This won't be your average hot air balloon either, artists will create an animal hot air balloon! Molding the plaster to make cute ears, stubby snouts, or wings. When the plaster is dry artists will paint on all the details with acrylic paint. Artists will add a woven yarn basket and braided small ropes to support the balloon with optional small pennant flags for decoration.

Monday-Friday, July 23-27 | 5 days | 9-3 pm | 5-13 yrs

In this sewing camp, Little Artists will make their very own patchwork stuffed animal using a pattern (Dog, Bear, Bunny or Cat). Artists will choose and cut all their fabric and learn how to pin the fabric pieces in preparation to sew. Children will choose from a variety of soft fleece, faux fur, and patterned cotton fabric to create their patchwork stuffy. Hand sewing will be taught for their animal's button eyes and mouths. Each animal will have stylistic characteristics of its maker!

Before sewing on machines Little Artists will sew with no needles to get use to the speed of the machines. And also sew on paper, to show us teachers that they can follow through a maze to get use to turning, stopping, using the presser foot lever and back stitch button on the machines. We will have a special Birthday Party to celebrate our new members of the family!

Monday-Friday, August 13-17 | 5 days | 9-3 pm | 7-13 yrs

During this week of summer camp, Little Artists will create a night creature using oven-bake Sculpey clay. The freestanding creatures will be approx 5 inches tall, and stand in front of a wood canvas to cast a 'creative shadow'. This creative shadow will be drawn and painted in a evening scene with acrylic paint. Small details will also painted on the sculptures.

Monday-Friday, August 6-10 | 5 days | 9-3 pm | 5-13 yrs

During this summer camp, Little Artists will painting the style of the famous Neo-Impressionistic artist, Georges Seurat and Paul Signac and learn about stippling, a process of painting using dots of color that deceives the eye blending the lighter tints and darker shades to create new colors and the image. Students will work on a small canvas using a photo for reference. Using acrylic paint they will layer the colored dots slowly to create their images.

Monday-Tuesday, Aug 20 & 21 | 2 days | 9-3 pm | 5-13 yrs

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