Giants of Land and Sea​

The Northern California coastline is truly unique to anywhere else in the world. In the California Academy of Science’s new exhibition, Giants of Land and Sea opening June 15th, visitors will embark on a journey through these iconic landscapes as you've never seen before while celebrating the Bay Area's cultural diversity with media-rich interpretations translated in English, Spanish, Chinese and Filipino. 

This exhibit is really about three connected systems; tectonics and carbon, which leads to upwelling and fog formation. It's these systems that make our slice of paradise different to anywhere else in the world. Not only does it contribute to the unique climate we have but also to the colossal natives that also call this place home including giant whales and giant coast redwoods. 

No doubt, the fog room is going to garner a lot of attraction and it will be well worth waiting to experience. Living in the Bay Area, you probably spend a good chunk of time with the fog but you can’t get that on demand. Now, not only can you summon the fog and quickly become immersed in it but there's an audio for learning more about why fog occurs and why it's heaviest in the summer months and it is all facinating.

You can also still feel a jolt within the earthquake simulator recounting the history of the infamous 1906 earthquake.

You will notice that one thing that’s amazing about the Northern California coastline ..... it's where redwoods are! That's because of the unique climate to this area that gives rise to redwoods. There is an exhibit allowing you to travel up into the canopy with researchers as well as get up close to a collection of understory plants on display. 

There's a section dedicated to citizen scientists projects and to the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band who live and work along the coast. They’re relearning traditional ecological practices to tend to the plants that are important for their ceremonies and livelihood.  A team of young stewards are working along side of archeologists to learn these techniques.  This whole section displays the partnerships between tribes and government to make change through sharing observations to help preserve the area for future generations. 

You cannot talk about the Northern California coastline without mentioning our extraordinary marine mammals. This exhibit highlights why we are one of the only places on earth where you can see six species of pinnipeds - and they have all six on display from their research specimens collection. One of the cool interactive features of this section is you can look at look at limbs of marine mammals in comparison to humans. There is also information about otters, kelp and other offshore ecosystems displaying the critical role the plants and animals play in the making of our environment. 

Save the Redwood League has collaborated with the California Academy of Science in pulling this wonderful exhibit together. They’re celebrating their 100 anniversary and have saved over 200,000 acres. Sadly, of the 2 million acres of redwoods, only 5% is left because of the aggressive logging that began during the Gold Rush. Save the Redwood League is focused on land acquisition and restoration. Their goal is to restore more redwoods around established redwood groves and bringing people to experience the redwoods. This exhibit is a great way to bring the peace and grander redwoods into the heart of San Francisco and show why they are so vital to our area.

I encourage you to visit this exhibit and then go out into your local area and view it through fresh eyes. As I drive back to Marin, through the fog, I appreciate more how intimately entwined we are with our beautiful Northern California coastline.

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