Marin Teen Girl Conference!

Girls may not consider themselves superheroes or think they have super powers, but at this year’s seventh annual Marin Teen Girl Conference on Sunday, March 26th, they will have the opportunity to experience what it means to have a voice, their own special power! Presented by the Marin Women’s Commission, the seventh annual Marin Teen Girls Conference is all about leveraging your unique combination of smarts, ambition and awesome-ness to make the world a better place!

This year the theme for the Marin Teen Girl Conference is “Be Your Own Super Hero!” and kicks off with keynote speaker and U.S. Olympic Athlete, Alysia Montano. She has represented the US at several international championships and made national headlines for running while eight months pregnant. She distinguishes herself by wearing a flower in her hair while running, a personal affectation she adopted to assert her femininity while training with men, as she stands by her life philosophy, “to be bold and courageous.

The seventh year will host over 250-300 young teens all from Marin County. An amazing day packed with speakers, empowering workshops, music and entertainment for girls, eighth to 12th grades. Sinead Swayne, Marin Teen Girl Ambassador,  looks forward to this year’s event as it, “connects young teens throughout the county in an uplifting, supportive way”. This conference is designed BY girls, FOR girls. The event welcomes over 18 workshops covering topics like:

  • Be Body Positive: Healthier Eating, Positive Body Image & Excellent Self Care presented by Naomi Finklestein of Body Positive
  • Owning Your Power: Know Your Value, Earn Respect and Excel in Your Career presented by Jennifer Lagaly, VP of Sales at Salesforce
  • Are You Ready for College? Presented by a panel of College Students from Marin and 10,000 Degrees
  • Dealing with Other’s Expectations – How to Navigate the Pressure presented by Dr. Michelle Cleere
  • A Girl’s Guide to Advocacy and Making a Difference in Your Community Presented by the YWCA
  • Fight Back: Preventing Sexual Assault with Self Defense Presented by Community Violence Solutions
  • Sexuality: Beyond the Rainbow presented by Hana Afra & Kellen Kaiser of Planned Parenthood
  • Turning Your Design Ideas into a Business: Lessons Learned from Teen Fashion Designers Presented by Marian Kwon and Monika Rose of Epic Sky
  • Foster Relationships that Foster You Too! Presented by Charis Denison of Pranja Consulting & Marin Youth
  • Is There An App for That? Presented by Claire Comins of Tinker Tech
  • Sex-planations: Gr: 8-10 Presented by Huckleberry Youth Project
  • Sex-planations: Gr: 10-12 Presented by Planned Parenthood

The Marin Women’s Commission has nominated 30 young teens representing schools across Marin to be our ‘Marin Teen Ambassadors,’ ages range from middle and high schools, to help promote the conference and build agenda pertinent to our local youth. The Marin Teen Girl Conference is non-profit event made possible by community donation and contributions from the Board of Supervisors.   

The 2017 Marin Teen Girl Conference will be on Sunday, March 26, 2017, from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM. It’s held at the Embassy Suites in San Rafael and includes breakfast, lunch and a Goody Bay. Those who are interested can register at and find more information at Registration fee is $20.00. Please note that there are scholarships available.

The Marin Women’s Commission was created by the Board of Supervisor to ensure economic, social, political and educational opportunities throughout the county. This Commission established the Marin Teen Girls Conference to create a safe forum for Marin’s teenage girls to explore their place in the world, gain skills to create positive relationships, learn confidence to make good choices and to experience local community support that would help them achieve their personal goals. This 2017 workshop is led by the Marin Women’s commission, presented by knowledgeable professional women and assisted by numerous local volunteers.