Sponsor: 5 Secrets How MVCode 1nsp1res K1ds t0 C0de

Education innovator MVCode, a leader in teaching kids computer programming, is offering a free trial coding class for kids.  Their after-school coding classes and weekend events, are popular with students all over the Bay Area. MVCode experts reveal five secret ingredients on how they motivate their members. 

Secret #1 Start at an appropriate level

At MVCode our experts will place each individual student in the appropriate group according to age and ability. All levels are welcome. If you need to learn the basic syntax of the language, then we'll help you start writing some code to practice. Once you’ve gotten a hang of it, we move on to more challenging programs. 

Secret #2 Find projects that motivate you

One of the most helpful ways to learn and stay engaged is to find a project you are passionate in. Set goals and identify a project that motivates you. If you have the desire to improve your programming skills then pick a project you love and make plans for it. Identify what you want to accomplish and get excited! Make it your mission and MVCode will help create something meaningful and fun.

Secret #3: Get the right program

MVCode’s curriculum has been specially created for laying the foundation for marketable skills in software engineering, mathematics, game development and robotics. It was developed with support from education technology specialists and educational leaders.

Secret #4:  Be a Creator, Not a Consumer

It's so easy to consume technology with little to no effort but MVCode students are creators. Our teachers guide students to design something more meaningful and rediscover their individual creativity. Instead of clicking on YouTube videos, MVCode student produce their own with MVCode's YouTube class. Instead of spending hours playing a game, our students generate their own with MVCode Game Development classes.

Kids not only need to learn new skills to prepare them for the future - they want to learn and have fun in the process. Learn programming, problem solving, math, physics, art and music at MVCode.

Secret #5: Be a part of a supportive community

Finding groups of likeminded peers to connect and engage to help solve programming questions, support one another and keep the momentum going.  MVCode offers teen code and weekend events like pizza hackathons and coding cups. This is how MVCode students make friends for life!

MVCode offers classes in clubs in Kentfield, Mill Valley, Redwood City, San Francisco,  San Mateo, and a pop-up club in Albany. Through MVCode classes, students in first through tenth grades learn skills that are useful not only for creating incredible school projects, but also for laying the foundation for marketable skills in software engineering, higher order thinking, mathematics, game development and robotics. Register for a free trial class!