Inside The Poekie Nook: May Day Delights

2018 is sure whizzing by fast! Can you believe that tomorrow is the first day of May? Just in time to usher in the month of May comes this adorable craft for all Poekie Nook fans! Because Poekie's just love to skip around the Maypole and have loads of springtime fun! 

Small Poekies are about 4-5” tall. If you don’t have Poekies, you can use other stuffed animals, just make sure to adjust the length of the stick and ribbons to fit their height. Simply follow these easy instructions from the Poekie Nook.


  • Green fabric for grass
  • tape
  • play- dough
  • 14” long stick
  • 4 ribbons 1/4” wide
  • 4 colors tissue paper
  • small plastic deli can

Cut ribbons 16” long. Tape to top of stick.

Cut tissue papers 10” long and max. 4” wide.

Fold tissue strips like an accordion.

Tape flower around top of stick and place in can filled with play-dough.

Cover the base with grass, tape the ribbon ends to your Poekies and tell them to hold on as tight as possible.

Help them walk around the stick, because Poekies love to decorate their Maypole!

Download Print Instructions (pdf)

Sophia van der Harst is a certified Waldorf teacher and the founder of Poekie Nook, a drop-in sewing studio located in Tam Junction in Mill Valley. Poekie Nook has partnered with other local businesses to create unique experiences this summer. Check out these great combo summer camps with Mill Valley Potters Studio, RoCo Dance, Mathnasium and MojoDojo.  

Sophia is on a mission to increase awareness of the benefits of crafting and sewing, especially during childhood. Connect with her on Facebook or email her at