The Circus is in Town!

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus presents their brand new show, "Out Of This World!" a live circus spectacle this weekend in San Jose and September 15 - September 18 in Sacramento. Tickets are on sale now. I am very excited to interview performer Ashley Vargas as she takes us for an exclusive peek at this intergalactic, action-packed, circus adventure. 

Can you tell me about "Out Of This World," the new show currently touring?

Ringing Bros and Barnum and Bailey's newest show, Out of This World, is without a doubt, one of the coolest shows around. There are several new elements that make it spectacular; the ice flooring, advanced technology, video projection, and a storyline all push the envelope and make the Greatest Show on Earth even greater. This year the circus features two childhood friends that both longed to be circus ringmasters, only one was chosen by the Starseeker to become the ringleader, which left the other in the hands of an evil queen. Queen Tatiana and her army of clowns, featuring the incredibly talented Italian clown, Davis Vassallo, remove all of the circus stars from Earth and place them on faraway planets across the galaxy. This show will take our audience on an intergalactic adventure to bring back all of our circus stars.  

I have fond memories of my grandma taking me every year to see the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus when I was a kid. Do you have any special childhood memories of the circus?

As a child, it was a family tradition to see Ringling Bros. I especially remember early access (which used to be called adventure/pre-show) where I was able to meet the performers and get a little taste of the circus before the show actually began. My favorite memories are riding home in the car, chatting with my family about all the amazing things I could do if I were on the circus. 

What inspired you to run away and join the circus? Does it meet your childhood expectations of what being in a circus is like?

My love for animals is what eventually led me to the circus and my passion for this lifestyle is what has kept me here. 

What are your favorite things about Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus?

Everything! I love working among such talented people (and animals) from all different walks of life. 300 people travel with Ringling Bros and truly make this the Greatest Show on Earth. 

Elephant acts have been showcased by Ringling for more than a century and you preformed with them for the final time last May when Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus ended its elephant acts. What is their new home like and their daily routines?

The Center for Elephant Conservation is a 200 acre preserve in central Florida. This is home to many of the elephants that I've had a pleasure to work with and several that were never even in the circus. Their new home is the perfect location for any retiree and you can find more information about these beautful divas at

I read that your elephants are helping to find the cure to cancer. Can you tell me a little more about this?

Ringling Bros has been working with an oncologist from Salt Lake City that is teaming up with our veterinarians to research more about why elephants rarely get cancer. This video is great for more info.

With the lure of technology, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus still knows how to attract a kids' wavering attention spans. When you look out into a captive audience, what do you see that makes the circus magic?

The circus is a beautful environment where families can come together and make everlasting memories. Although the circus is ever changing and no doubt, much different from when you were a child, it still serves as an event that families can do together and keep family tradition. The talent that Ringling Bros brings to the show are some of the most amazing artists in the world. We represent 25 different countries and for some, even multiple generations of circus performers. This is truly a show for children of all ages and everyone in your family can find something they love, whether it's the live orchestra, animals, technology or incredible performers, everyone will leave the show thinking about what their life would be like in the circus. 

Know any good circus jokes?

I'm the worst at telling jokes, maybe some of our clowns can share a few during Star Seeker's Early Access an hour before the show. 

Ashley Vargas is a performer for Ringling Bros. performing this weekend in San Jose. Don’t miss Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus new show 'Out Of This World!' For more information visit them online at or follow on FacebookTwitter and Instagram #RinglingBros #OutOfThisWorld.

Photos provided by Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey.