All For Fun, Fun For All with the Marin Shakespeare Company

Despite their namesake, the Marin Shakespeare Company continues this years season with the legendary story, The Three Musketeers, by Alexandre Dumas. With sword fighting, dancing, witty dialogue and physical comedy, The Three Musketeers is sure to delight.

If you’ve never read the story, here’s a brief rundown of this adaptation, by award-winning playwright Ken Ludwig: Young and naive D’Artagnan journeys from the Gascony to Paris with his younger sister Sabine to join the King Louis XIII’s legendary Musketeers. On the way, D’Artagnan runs afoul with three Musketeers, the evil Cardinal’s captain Rochefort and his henchwoman Milady. D’Artagnan challenges each Musketeer to a duel, and when the four men meet up to fight, they instead form a quick camaraderie. Let's just say if they wish to trump the nefarious Cardinal Richelieu, who's forever plotting against the King, they’ll have to work together.

This beloved story has been adapted for stage and film countless times. I've seen many different iterations and this is by far my favorite. There was a lot of concentration on the fighting and numerous stunts. I love the simplicity of the set which helped the costumes and choreography stand out. 

Taking a classic story, set during the reign of King Louis XIII and Queen Anne of Austria, and making it feel relevant and exciting is no easy task, but everyone involved rises to the challenge to create a truly engaging story. While the characters are from the 17th century it's punctuated with modern day references modernizing this epic tale to a 21st century audience. 

With the extraordinary performances of this talented cast, The Three Musketeers should not be missed. The cunning Cardinal Richelieu is so fiendishly likable and marvelously humorous. King Louis XIII is goofy and childish and the clever Queen Anne throws some pretty good nuggets out. All the Musketeers were well cast. I especially loved seeing the a young boyish D’Artagnan. And one of the more brilliant decisions in Ken Ludwig's adaptation is the introduction of the character, Sabine, D’Artagnan's tomboyish younger sister. My 13 year old daughter said she loves the character Sabine the most, a smart, witty and funny female role.

Based on criteria from Common Sense Media, I think this play is suitable for children ages ten plus. The story goes from silly slapstick to tragic loss. Their are a number of plot lines and back stories to follow. The Three Musketeers is a high energy production of a dramatic comedy with lots of swordplay that includes violence, death and slight risqué behavior.  But without question, kids ten and above will love this version of The Three Musketeers so don't miss it. 

Although Dumas may not have the pedigree of Shakespeare, it’s hard to beat this nonstop action and laugh out loud funny performance. Marin Shakespeare Company's performance of Three Musketeers is a wonderful summer evening experience. 

Know Before You Go Tips:

The performance runs August 4 – 27, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 4pm & 8pm

Single tickets are General $37, Senior $34, 25 & Under $12. For other ways to save, visit the Marin Shakespeare website.

There is ample free parking.

Family Day is August 13 at 4pm, Youth 18 and Under are FREE. Enjoy fun activities at 3:00 pm prior to the start of the show.

Pack a picnic or you can purchase at the theatre. Alcohol may be brought in or also purchased at theatre.

Bring a cushion for seating or rent for $1 at the theatre.

Wear layered and comfortable clothing. This is an outdoor amphitheater so you are at the mercy of the elements. Weather can cool, especially at night.

Don't forget to purchase your raffle tickets and support the Marin Shakespeare Company!

Photos by Jay Yamada