5 Tech Trends to Keep Your Kid Ahead

Instead of pushing technology away from your kids, take ownership of what they learn and help them get ahead. I asked Doug Tarr, Founder of MVCode, about the five biggest tech trends you should keep a look out for. 


Coding teaches problem solving, creativity and 21st century tech skills.

  1. “The next blue collar job is coding” 

  2. Many jobs that exist today will be automated away by robots and computers.  Learning to code will prepare students for the jobs of the future.

  3. MVCode offers varying levels of interactive online project based coding curriculum. 


  1. Kids can learn how to create and automate their own world using robotic toys and electronics.

  2. Programmable robotics kits are a fun way to teach kids about logic and robotics.  Mindstorms EV3, Dash and Dot and Sphero.

  3. More advanced students can use a new breed of inexpensive educational electronics (Arduino, Raspberry Pi and BBC Micro Bit)  that students design and build  sophisticated robotics of their own design.

  4. MVCode offers robotics education that allows to students to simultaneously build and solve engineering challenges.


  1. New kinds of 3D visual interfaces create new learning opportunities for students.

  2. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Gear VR are all available and compatible with desktop and mobile devices.

  3. Apple is releasing a new Augmented Reality toolkit - making some features available in the hit game “Pokemon Go” available to any application.

  4. Google Blocks allows you to use Virtual Reality to build immersive 3d models.

  5. MVCode uses oculus and other VR programs in their coding classes and open labs for a hands on experience. 


  1. A new breed of mobile apps use advanced algorithms and integrated content to cater to individualized student learning styles.

  2. Duolingo, Khan Academy, Quizlet

  3. Many use innovative techniques such as spaced repetition, which enhances learning by incorporating content review over increasing intervals of time. 

  4. MVCode's entire curriculum and learning program is based on individualized learning with progress reports for parents. Instructors work with kids to keep them challenged and progressing through MVCode's developer ranks.


  1. Artificial Intelligence lets computers interact with humans, interpret images and sound and understand human language.

  2. Amazon Echo and Google Home are bringing artificial intelligence into the home.

  3. MVCode lets students leverage these tools in school projects to discover and synthesize information interactively.

MVCode is an after school coding program for kids that Doug founded while teaching his children to code. MVCode works to incorporate all these trends in their program so their students are truly becoming prepared for the future.  MVCode has clubs in Greenbrae (Bon Air Center) and Mill Valley as well as SF, Redwood City and Albany.

MVCode is offering a free trial of their program for your child. Sign up today! Connect with MVCode on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.