Connecting Kids to Nature with Bearfoot Occupational Therapy

Bearfoot Occupational Therapy is currently enrolling two nature-based social groups for fall 2019. We use nature as the backdrop to help children get the maximum benefit from the environment, engaging in the outdoors in rain or shine! We are committed to helping children and families grow across different areas of need and believe that being outdoors is an effective way to make therapeutic gains.

All nature-based social groups are led by a skilled pediatric therapist and have a maximum of 5 children in the group. *Due to the social nature of the group, a commitment to the entire 6-week semester is required*


Bearfoot Occupational Therapy was started in order to meet the need of Bay Area families and their kids to get outside and play in nature! We offer individual, sibling and playdate occupational therapy sessions as well as small nature-based social groups. Through outdoor nature play, we help improve various areas that are essential to healthy child development such as gross motor and fine motor skills, self regulation, sensory processing - as well as improving creativity and imagination! Bearfoot Occupational Therapy's sessions are held in Glen Park Canyon, the Presidio, or China Camp in rain, shine, warm or cold. All sessions are led by a skilled occupational therapist.

Bearfoot Occupational Therapy is a sponsor of Ronnie’s Awesome List.