Children for Change

Children for Change is having their annual fundraiser this SUNDAY, APRIL 29th from 8:30am-12 noon. The event is all about our youth speaking up for change. Specifically we are focused on homelessness, refugees, the environment and animal protection and care. The event is a way for us as adults to show our youth that we have their backs. That we support their voices and their vision to make change for good here in the US and around the world. 

With hundreds of C4Cers and their families (we’re up to 300 now) showing up smack in the middle of downtown San Anselmo to hike Bald Hill and then join together for a youth showcase highlighting their work ("Campaigns for Good") in the areas of homelessness, animal care, refugees and environment, it’s going to be SO FUN & INSPIRATIONAL.  At the event you will be able to talk to the youth (our future leaders) about their plastic straw campaign, losing campaign to save endangered animals, world wide book club to bring books in other languages to their elementary schools, Little Wishes campaign to help kids with illness and so much more.  All youth driven.  All youth inspired.  All about doing good. 

Plus, we will have so much fun going on β€” music, snow cones, a 3 throw challenge to raise money for Nothing But Nets and bring mosquito nets to folks in Tanzania where we will be traveling on a service trip this summer.  Did I mention that a signed Steph Curry jersey will be raffled off as well? Don’t miss it.  Come listen to our youth.  It’s about time we do.