Discovery Day Open House

Join us to celebrate the EOS Center's Annual Discovery Day Open House, Sun, April 28, 2019, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM!

We invite you to experience science in action at the only academic marine research center on the San Francisco Bay, the Estuary & Ocean Science [EOS] Center at the Romberg Tiburon Campus! 

Learn why we have “Hope for the Bay” as you try your hand at measuring crabs, tracking marine mammals, collecting plankton, and more.

  • Use the tools of the trade. Help collect data to answer a research question.

  • Play a game and learn a new concept. Explore the patterns in nature.

  • Discover solutions to environmental challenges.

At Discovery Day, you can also connect with many of our Coastal Science Allies, participate in collaborative art projects and design challenges, and be among the first to see the work of the 2019 California Coastal Commission's K-12 Coastal Art & Poetry Contest! 

Admission and parking is FREE, and REGISTRATION is required!