Welcome once again to the once-a-month animal adoption segment, "First of the Mutt." Ronnie's Awesome List is proud to partner with various rescue organizations around the Bay Area to feature adorable, adoptable, family-friendly animals find their forever home and help your family find a new best friend and fall madly in love.

Howie is a gorgeous and very sweet kitty. Because of his laid back, mellow disposition Howie would be a good choice for a family with gentle children. This social and friendly kitty is very affectionate and loves to cuddle and be petted. His soft coat will need regular brushing to keep it free of tangles and mats, something he really enjoys. Howie's a dream!

Rango really enjoys the company of people and is looking for a family who will spend lots of time with him. He seeks out attention and enjoys being petted. This active and curious bunny lived with children in the past and did well with them. Rango will enjoy having a variety of toys to play with - especially wicker ones that he can chew.  Watch him have fun with cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, and plastic baby keys! ADOPTED

My name is Jules. I'm a stocky, muscular boy who enjoys a good workout! If your New Year's resolution is to get more exercise, I'd love to go on some adventures with you. Running, walking, swimming, and hiking are some of my favorite activities. After an active day I love to take it easy and snuggle up next to my favorite people!" 

My name is Toucan. I was named for the many pretty hues in my coat! I love meeting new people. If you come and sit next to me, I'll be in your lap in an instant - purring with delight. I just celebrated my very first birthday, and I'm looking for someone special to be with me for the rest of my years. Maybe you!?" 

Hi, I'm Flora. I am one flora you will fawna all over! I am a typical active and entertaining pup that will beg you for lots of attention! I will become my best self by getting lots of social enrichment inside and outside my home, so an active home that is eager to continue my puppy education into adulthood would be perfect! Since I am still so young I won’t be able to be left alone for more than a few hours, so please have a plan in place before you bringing me home!

Hi, I'm Sylvester! I'm all love and snuggles and I'm looking for a spot on a sofa near you! When I'm not busy trying to catch Tweety bird, I love to munch on tasty treats and take long naps in the sunshine. What do you say? Are we the perfect match?