Welcome once again to the once-a-month animal adoption segment, "First of the Mutt." Ronnie's Awesome List is proud to partner with various rescue organizations around the Bay Area to feature adorable, adoptable, family-friendly animals find their forever home and help your family find a new best friend and fall madly in love.

Kato is a big, goofy, lovable boy that will keep you smiling! He enjoys being around all kinds of people and could be a great companion for someone that likes to be active. Kato has limitless affection to smother you with, so come by and he'll be sure to give you a smooch! He's 5 years old.

Friendly to the point of almost being excessive. He's a curious, confident, and adventurous boy. Looking for a social butterfly? Davey loves being in the center of all of the action! We recommend he stays indoor only because he will happily walk into anyone's house or follow anyone home, and good samaritans may not realize he isn't lost. 

A big sweetheart, Skylar loves people, is a happy retriever with balls, and enjoys playing with people, toys, and tugs. She walks well on leash, but does not seek interaction with other dogs. Her love for food, especially treats, will make her a joy to train. Skylar loves food and toys so much she's not willing to share them with other dogs, so she needs to be the only dog in the household. She would be a good match for gentle, school age kids who could play with her and give her lots of love.  She is a great, loving, fun dog who just needs the right people and environment to be her best self. 

Jasmine is a large, lovely brown tabby. She loves to be petted, groomed, and pampered. She would be a good match for a family that has older, polite children who can approach her calmly and treat her with respect. Her previous guardian indicated she liked wand teaser toys - this is a fun way for children to interact with her and a good way to encourage her to be more active. Though she should remain an indoor cat for her health and safety, she would enjoy a cat tree or window perch so she can enjoy viewing the great outdoors. Beneath Jasmine's soft, silky fur is a mellow sweetheart ready to join your family.

Meet Foley, a handsome and confident 4-year-old orange tabby. He’s named after the man who invented movie sound effects and rightly so! Foley can create his own “track” with friendly meow greetings followed by a gentle purring as he settles onto a warm lap. Usually the life of the party, he can get overexcited so he needs an adults only home, possibly with older children. Hurry in to meet this movie star kitty! All cats 5+ months are free to adopt.

This is Maya! She’s 6-years-old and has possibly the best ears around! She loves being active and will always be ready to take you up on an offer to go for a walk. She’s a quintessential Shepherd mix who LOVES to chase after a thrown ball. She’ll do better as the only dog in the house and would prefer to keep space between her and other dogs in the neighborhood. Maya is currently eligible for a waived adoption fee.