Welcome once again to the once-a-month animal adoption segment, "First of the Mutt." Ronnie's Awesome List is proud to partner with various rescue organizations around the Bay Area to feature adorable, adoptable, family-friendly animals find their forever home and help your family find a new best friend and fall madly in love.

For Link and brother Squirt the best years of their lives are right ahead! Black is indeed beautiful, these two boys prove that for sure. Both of these boys are relaxed and mellow, easy to handle, purry and sweet. Both cats will benefit from some active playtime, to keep them moving and young. They will be a great pair to bring into your home and should adjust quite easily, since they have each other for comfort while they figure out how to work their way into your heart. In addition to lots of lap time, they would like a cushy bed, a sunny window perch, a kitty condo or scratching tree. ADOPTED

Cannon is very sweet, easy to pick up, active, curious, outgoing, and very active. In our Rabbit Romper Room he loved having room to stretch and run around; he also seemed interested in toys. His new family needs to make sure they have plenty of space indoors for him to run, jump, and do “bunny binky’s.” We think he’d be fine for any family.

Meet Sheriff! He’s a 10-month-old who has lots of love and cuddles to share. Sheriff enjoys going on walks and meeting new people – in fact, he likes to be with people so much he can hardly contain his joy when he meets new friends! He’s active, inquisitive, and would make a great buddy for outdoor adventures. 

Meet Nectarine and Kumquat! These 5-month-old brothers are also best friends, so they need someone who’s ready for a double dose of kitten love and will adopt them both! These two are looking for a home where they’ll get lots of snuggles and playtime. They’re curious, sweet boys who want to explore the world together. Adopt them both for a single adoption fee! 

Hi, I'm Blu. I am a big ol' boy with a lot of love in my heart! I am up for anything, I love to go on walks and play with friends, afterwards I would love to join you on the couch if we both can fit! I am a gentle giant that would do well in just about any home! I am 3 years old.

Hi, I'm Snickerdoodle. I'm the sweetest treat you've ever seen! From our very first cuddle, I'll be the warm, soft, sugary kitty of your dreams. Your life could be twice as delicious! Come down to Berkeley Humane and meet me today. I am 3 years old.