Welcome once again to the once-a-month animal adoption segment, "First of the Mutt." Ronnie's Awesome List is proud to partner with various rescue organizations around the Bay Area to feature adorable, adoptable, family-friendly animals find their forever home and help your family find a new best friend and fall madly in love.

Daisy is a gentle, nine-year-old border collie/chow mix who is looking for a new home where she can be a loving companion. She is easy going and friendly with people and dogs, and once she connects with her new family she will be looking for belly rubs and cuddles. Her former owner says she likes kids, so considerate and respectful older children would be a good match.  Daisy might also enjoy a like-minded doggie housemate. She will need your help to shed the few extra pounds she has gained over the years, and taking classes together is a wonderful way to start giving her more exercise. A Nose Works (scenting) class would be perfect – and fun for both of you! ADOPTED

Big Buddy is just about the most charming and confident cat you will ever meet. This six-year-old is curious and sweet, affectionate and loving – perfect for first time feline families. Kids and cats can be great friends with the proper supervision, and Big Buddy is ready, willing, and able. He takes most things in stride and adjusts easily to new situations – he even does well with well-mannered dogs! He always wants to look his best and enjoys having his gorgeous coat groomed; he might also be interested in chasing a wand toy or two, just for fun. This big boy is a dream! ADOPTED

SNOOPY: He's an Ace when it comes to loving time with people and he looks forward to long walks in the sunshine (or the fog, or rain, not picky, this one!) Snoopy thrives when he gets to play games and participate in brainy activities and will enjoy learning new ways to wow the folks he loves meeting.

PENGUIN & SOOKPenguin lives with his gal pal Sook and they need a home together since they are a bonded pair. He loves being adored and he will roll around in bliss as you shower him with love. Sook is happy cuddling up next to you and they both are just a joy to be around.

Eggroll: Got any room in your lap for an adorable little 2 year old Pug/Chihuahua Mix fellow like me? Toss over a treat and I’m happy to climb in and settle down. We could go for some great walks afterward, too. My face is so expressive, especially my big, round eyes. I’m curious about everything, particularly other dogs. Maybe we could sign up for a Small Dog Basic Obedience class and make some new dog and person pals. It would give me some added confidence, too! I just need a good friend to show me the ropes. How about you? ADOPTED

Solo: I am 3 years old and I’ve soared all over the galaxy in the Millennium Falcon in search of the perfect new home. I’m a super cool guy and I’m ready to bring some adventure and excitement to your life! We can play, cuddle, or even just nap! Are you ready to be my co-pilot? Come meet me today! ADOPTED