Welcome once again to the once-a-month animal adoption segment, "First of the Mutt." Ronnie's Awesome List is proud to partner with various rescue organizations around the Bay Area to feature adorable, adoptable, family-friendly animals find their forever home and help your family find a new best friend and fall madly in love.

Meet Wilson! He’s an energetic 1-year-old who loves being outside, letting his ears flow in the fresh air. He’s still learning his doggy manners and they’re coming along nicely. Turn training time into a game and he’ll be head of the class! Wilson is so full of life you can’t help but fall in love and try to be on his level of excitement. Come meet this fun loving guy today!

This 5-year-old grey and white boy is Gromit! At 17lbs he has a lot of love to give! He might take a moment to say “Hi”, but once he warms up, he’ll spend all day in your lap. Aside from laps, he likes the high-life, perching and peering from up above. You’ll always have someone watching over you! He’s not fond of children, so he needs a home with adults only. Gromit is waiting to meet you so stop on by!

Three-year-old Socks is a sweet, affectionate, and playful cat who should make a wonderful family companion. She's very curious and enjoys playing with all sorts of toys. Wand toys (instead of little fingers and hands) are especially good for children to use when playing with her. She enjoys petting and sitting on laps, and will purr with delight when she's happy.

Super cute Harold is looking for a family who will give him some inside space to run and stretch his legs. He loves to be out of his cage and on the floor exploring. He is pretty easy to pick up and enjoys hanging out on a lap. Make sure he has some guinea pig toys to with when he's in his cage. As with all guinea pigs, it's best to go slowly with him so he feels safe and at ease.

Hi, I'm Tia! And I'm ready to entertain you with my silly and playful antics! I will keep you on your toes in the most fun ways, you will have the best time with me by your side! Come say hello and play with me today! Since I am still so young I won’t be able to be left alone for more than a few hours, so please have a plan in place before you bringing me home!

Hi, I'm Nilla and I'm 5 years-old. I'm a treat fit for anytime, any day! One taste of my soft, sweet snuggles and you'll be hooked. Promise to give me a lifetime of love and plenty of treats? Then I'm your girl! Come down to Berkeley Humane and meet me today!