Decorating for Halloween with the Kiddos

Decorating for Halloween with the kiddos is an activity that the entire family can agree on! It’s creative, messy, and a great way to get the kids “unplugged” and outdoors enjoying that fresh autumn air.

Some kids love Halloween decorations, but others are a little bit scared of it! Halloween decorations don’t need to be creepy or spooky. While that’s great fun, it’s not appropriate for some children. When you’re planning your decorating, keep your child’s age and development in mind! 

Here are some tips for taking a day to decorate for Halloween with the kids.



Get up early on a Saturday. Bummer, right? Go to your dollar store for leaves, wreaths, artificial flowers, fake spiderwebs, and other props. Take a trip to the local farmstand for pumpkins, potted mums, and gourds.  

The kids will feel very special and more inclined to help because they helped to pick out the decorating materials. 

On the way home, stop for a pumpkin spice latte for yourself, a hot cocoa for the kids, and get home to work on your decorating!



Assign tasks for the kids according to their age and abilities. 

For example, you probably don’t want your 3 year old wielding the hot glue gun, but he can hang window clings, bundle corn stalks, and place pumpkins on the front porch. On the other hand, a 13 year old may be able to use that low-temp glue gun without injury or even sew a simple ghost cut from an old sheet.

If you decide who gets which tasks, you will have a more enjoyable day as the kids won’t squabble over the different jobs.  Er… I hope.



Let the kids create their own visions of Halloween. You will be surprised at some of the creations they come up with and some of the creativity that you’re encouraging. 

So if pumpkins are cut oddly, or flower arrangements are uneven, or cornstalks look like they are about to fall over, let it be! Your child will feel very proud that you are displaying the decorations that they helped you with!

Don’t expect perfection. There’s an innate charm that comes naturally from a decoration hand-made by a child. Let that speak for itself and let them proudly display it!


You got up early, and the kids have a mess of craft glue everywhere.  By this time, you’ve been creating Halloween decorations for a few hours. It’s close to nap time...their nap time AND yours! 

Remain positive as you wrap up these projects. Help the children finish up their masterpieces, gather them around to help you with clean up, and stay cool.  Remember that it’s amazing that you got them to stay on this task for several hours.


After naptime, when cheerful moods are restored, glowingly report to the children how proud you are of their creativity and what a big help they were in helping you decorate your home for Halloween.  These moments are so precious, so savor every one of them! You’ve created memories of decorating with Mommy that will last your child a lifetime.

Deborah Tayloe is a freelance writer and contributor to Home Tip Top. She lives in North Carolina. Deborah is an avid DIY enthusiast and gardener.