Everyone ❤️'s MVCode

Is winter's wet weather creating a temperamental kid? Don't let rain brain drag you and them down. Register today for MVCode's award winning program that teaches kids how to code through robotics, gaming (like Minecraft plugins), web and application development and coding activities. 

Kids ❤️ MVCode


Kids love MVCode because they get to socialize with other likeminded kids while learning to code through fun activities. Plus MVCode helps moody kids get motivated, think clearer and ultimately happier.  It’s the perfect way to channel the holiday adrenalin rush. 

Parents ❤️ MVCode


Parents love MVCode because not only can they get their holiday shopping done but they know the skills their kids learn help them in math and science class while keeping cabin fever at bay. 

Families ❤️ MVCode Events

MVCode has locations throughout the Bay Area with two in Marin - Greenbrae and Mill Valley and offers after school classes and weekend events – coding labs, code cup challenges (that include outdoor play weather permitting) and Minecraft pizza nights.

Don't get left out in the rain. Between the winter weather and holiday rush, MVCode books up fast so be sure to plan ahead and register today. MVCode is offering a FREE TRIAL of their program for Ronnie’s Awesome List readers.