MVCode Minecraft Community Server Build Night 

Tired of the regular old vanilla Mindcraft? Come play in MVCode's sandbox for Minecraft Build Night. With this month’s fantasy theme, there’s no better time to play through some of the most engaging biomes with other mobs and players. 

Minecraft experts will show students how to create fantastical rad castles using your own blocks, mobs, items and games! You can help with a group project, or learn techniques to develop your own creations on your own plot --- all while hanging out with friends! You may even destroy the ender dragon and find the elytra. 

Break out your pickaxes, gather your redstones and don't miss out on the Minecraft Mayhem!

August 18th, 7-9pm

Mill Valley MVCode 

Redwood City MVCode 

August 25th, 7-9pm

Greenbrae MVCode 

San Francisco MVCode