Q&A With Maureen Broderick, Organizer Of The Girls’ Festival

Imagine a day of fun, exploration, and empowerment for girls. Tickets are on sale for the second annual spectacular The Girls' Festival — a daylong celebration of girl power and potential on October 1st at The Hive in Oakland! The festival will include fun sports and fitness activities, cooking classes, exhibitors, career mentoring sessions, workshops, and panel discussions and presentations. I caught up with event organizer and mastermind behind this event, Maureen Broderick, to learn more.

Can you give me the 411 of the event?

The festival takes place October 1st from 9am-5pm at Fort Mason in San Francisco. Tickets are ONLY $10 per adult and girls 10 and under are free. You can find all the details of the festival on our website

Can you give me your elevator pitch about The Girls' Festival?

This is the first-ever festival designed specifically for girls. It's a collaboration of amazing non-profit organizations, companies, and people who are working to support girls in the Bay Area. We will offer workshops, exhibits, performances, panels, outdoor sports activities, contests with fabulous prizes, a Makers Fair, and so much more. 

What highlights really stand out?

There are so many incredible presentations and workshops planned. Stay tuned for a steady stream of exciting updates on festival activities! 

What else do you have planned?

  • Exhibits with local organizations helping women to thrive
  • Film Festival celebrating female athletes and storytellers through the power of documentary film
  • Sports & Activity Arena where you can move, dance, jump, and flex your muscles and your mind
  • Healthy Eating Stations for you to try your hand at cooking deliciously nutritious meals
  • Contests with prizes you won’t believe
  • Main Stage featuring inspiring speakers, performances, and activities
  • Workshops so you can get in the conversation and pick up tips on living fully and fiercely
  • More exciting details to come!

There is literally something for every girl who comes.

What are the goals of your event?

The festival is not only a continued celebration of the launch of our website, WorldWideWomen; it’s our website brought to life. WorldWideWomen.co is the first-ever online global resource center for women and girls. It’s the place for you to come and discover amazing resources to make your life a bit easier. We call the Girls’ Festival "a game-changing day for Bay Area girls and their families” because we believe that when you walk through this festival — as when you browse WorldWideWomen — you will be introduced to organizations and services that you never knew existed. You have the opportunity to utilize these resources and come away with new knowledge, skills, and endless possibilities for yourself and your life. 

Our goal is to stay in touch with everyone who comes to the festival. We hope that this memorable event will inspire attendees to join the WorldWideWomen community and be a part of our journey as we grow and expand across the globe. Eventually, we hope to bring these festivals to major cities around the world.

Can you tell me more about WorldWideWomen?

WorldWideWomen is an easy-to-use online resource platform for women who want trusted information. Our mission is to connect women and girls around the world with valuable organizations, programs, and services that have the potential to positively impact their lives.

Our business model has three main areas:

  1. For-Profit Business: our resource platform went live in February 2017 and provides an array of services. For the last three years we have been researching, aggregating, and vetting programs for women and girls worldwide in order to gather the valuable information in one central place.
  2. Philanthropy: our business supports our philanthropic organization, the WorldWideWomen Foundation. The foundation not only hosts our Girls’ Festivals but partners with local organizations on impactful events as well. We plan to eventually provide grants to support non-profits focused on women and girls around the world. 
  3. Advocacy: our goal is to add on a powerful advocacy arm in order to fight for equality for girls and women, not just in the U.S. but around the world. 

What can someone do to get more involved?

Join our free website, utilize out extensive directory, donate to our foundation, and come and enjoy the festival on October 1st!

Maureen Broderick, WorldWideWomen

Maureen Broderick, WorldWideWomen

WOW! What an action-packed day this will be! The festival is designed specifically for girls to connect to their community, discover their potential, try new things, and have a great time! Get your tickets now for a day full of fun. Hope to see you at the WorldWideWomen Girls’ Festival.

WorldWideWomen is an easy-to-use online resource platform for women who want trusted information. They connect women and girls around the world with valuable organizations, programs, and services that have the potential to positively impact their lives. You can find more information on their websiteFacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubePinterestGoogle+, and LinkedIn.