May & June Classes And Field Trips With Outschool

Learning never stops with Outschool and should always be fun!

With the end of the Spring semester coming up, what better way to reconnect as a family and get energized about your learning again than to book some new learning experiences that you can participate in together. Here’s a selection of Outschool activities coming up in May and June. You can find more on their listings page where you can filter by location, age, theme and day. Outschool helps parents find and book great learning experiences outside of regular school. 

Intro to Coding with Scratch
Tue. May 17, 3:30pm

An MIT project specifically designed for kids ages 8 to 16, Scratch has been used by educators and parents around the world to help kids develop animations, interactive stories, and games through drag-and-drop code blocks.

How is a Leader created? Come meet First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and find out!
Fri. May 20, 10:30am
San Francisco

Theater and storytelling are powerful tools, uniquely suited to reaching the heart and mind, and Eleanor Roosevelt is a terrific storyteller!

Art History For Kids: Greek and Roman Art
Fri. May 20, 11:30am
San Rafael

So much of what is instrumental in our lives today can be traced directly back to Greece and Rome. We will examine how everything from math to politics played a role in the art created by the Greeks and Romans, all in just one hour!

Disassemble/Reassemble a Computer
Mon. May 23, 11am
San Francisco

Ever wondered how a computer works? Clear your confusion with this hands-on workshop. We'll explore the insides of a computer system, learn more about the parts that make up a computer and familiarize ourselves with their uses.

Summer Basketball Clinic
Mon. Jun 13, 11am
San Ramon

Have fun and learn better dribbling, passing, shooting, defense and more.

Ozobot Robotics & Coding
Tue. Jun 21, 3:30pm
San Ramon

Ozobots are a fun and smart robotics toy. Students will learn principles of robotics and coding while programming Ozobots to race and dance on code tracks. These simple lessons are not only fun, but they foster confidence in STEM learning and robotics programming.

STEM to STERN: Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics Aboard the USS Hornet
ri. Jun 24, 10am

In the STEM to Stern Program, students will explore how chemistry, physics, and mathematics apply to the operational functions of a World War II aircraft carrier as well as learning about the history of the vessel and its role in world events.

3D Printing Workshops
Mon. Jun 27, 2pm
San Ramon

Students will be exposed to 3D printing and computer aided design in this hi-tech course. Each student will be able to work on an original design utilizing his or her new 3D design skills.