Pacific Discovery School - A New School with a Fresh Vision!

Open House-This Sunday, March 4th@1pm!

There's an exciting new school opening up in the hills of Mill Valley on the old campus of Ring Mountain called Pacific Discovery School.


The founder Wendy Xa, also the founder of the prominent and extremely successful Presidio Knolls School in San Francisco, has one primary goal in mind: to fill a gap in the educational landscape here in Marin that has existed for quite some time. 

Knowing that no two children learn the same, Pacific Discovery School is taking on the mission of teaching to each individual child's level and ability with a holistic approach that celebrates the potential in every child not only academically, but socially and emotionally as well. The school's esteemed educational team is committed to nurturing each child’s curiosity, creativity and academic achievement, with differentiated learning environments, a robust learning specialist program, outdoor education and a strong focus on building integrity, empathy and confidence in every student. 

The Program will consist of: 

  • Customized learning programs developed through assessments to differentiate and build plans best suited for each child (a 3rd grader could attend a 4th grade Math class, for example).
  • Learning specialists on site and available for every student to help keep them on track, motivated, and excited, about learning.
  • A collaborative, team focused and student-led learning environment with teachers as guides versus "commanders" in the classroom (based on The Harkness Method Teaching Program).
  • Outdoor education building on research revealing nature's ability to increase focus and strengthen academic achievement as well as emotional well-being.
  • Intimate, specialized and nurturing class sizes to ensure one-on-one attention and foster a feeling of safety, respect and acceptance for every student.
  • It's a compelling proposition. Check out the school this Sunday at their Open House and Tour.  

Pacific Discovery School Open House

Sunday, March 4th, 1pm-3pm

Explore the campus, meet the teachers and get a feel for a day in the life at Pacific Discovery. Kids encouraged to join. Jumpy house & fun activities will be available for all ages!