Inside the Poekie Nook: Tiny Party Hats

Poekie Nook is turning 4 and you're invited to the party to celebrate on Saturday, March 24th, 1-5pm. Enjoy Poekie Making, Crafts, Cake and more!

And as part of our March Madness we have a few FREE special Poekie-opportunities: 

  • Until the end of March, regular customers can bring a friend new to Poekie Nook for two hours free of charge.
  • March 19-24, new customers receive their first hour free if you mention Ronnie’s List.
  • Mark your calendars for March 24, 1-5pm for free Poekie making and party time!

No party is complete without an AWESOME party hat! To help get this party started we created a party hat project that you can make at home whenever you're in a party mood.

    Tiny Party Hats For You And Your Poekies

    Materials needed: egg carton, bobby pins, elastic, scissors, glue, fabric, paint if you don’t have fabric, and whatever fun craft supplies you have. 

    Cut out a point of the egg carton. Trim it so it stands at on the table. 

    Carefully roll the point around on the fabric and trace the four sides. 

    Cut the fabric a little outside your lines. Poke two holes through the cardboard. 

    Then glue the fabric around the point and trim off the excess fabric. 

    Decorate to your hearts content. When done, use the holes to poke a bobbypin through for your hat, or tie elastic for your Poekie’s hat. 

    Start planning your party! 

    Download PDF of this project.