Sewing Spring Break Week Keeps Kids In Stitches

It's spring break week and your on a STAYCATION! Are you wondering what you're going to do with the kids this week, especially when the forecast says rain? Now is a great time to learn to sew! Sewing is not only a great activity that kids love but also takes time, patience and is an inexpensive and fun way to spend the day.

There's a resurgence of sewing for creative young inventors, designers and tinkerers. More young people are turning to sewing as a creative hobby. Not only is there prestige in making it yourself but sewing also teaches spatial reasoning, visualization skills, creativity, manual dexterity, basic math skills, patience and humor. Today’s students are learn skills lost during the advent of the inexpensive stuffed animals that fill the big-box retail shelves and making things themselves.

Any child interested in art, design, fashion or construction will enjoy a week of sewing at the Poekie Nook. Not only will he/she learn a wonderful life skill but they'll enjoy creating their own poekie's, the independence of their drop off program and making new friends. Stop by any time and you will see students focused and busy working. They're clearly proud of what they're creating. 

"Kids love to sew. It's both a challenging and rewarding,” says Poekie Nook owner Sophia van der Harst. β€œStudents tell me people compliment them on their poekie's, 'That's so cool, where did you get it?'" and they proudly say, "I made it." This feedback boost their self-confidence because they're actually making something that they’re proud of, that endures." 

Stop by anytime over Spring Break and try one of Poekie Nook's drop in classes. Name the animals in the image above and get 1 hour free over spring break. Crafts suitable for kids aged 6 - 14.