Let's Craft With Poekie Nook: Paper Valentine's Day Hearts

Ronnie's Awesome List presents a Valentine's Day craft by Sophia van der Harst, Founder of Poekie Nook. Check out all the great upcoming February fun only at  the Poekie Nook.

February 9th: Schools are out today due to the storm and cabin fever is setting in fast. You're in luck, Poekie Nook is OPEN 9am-5pm. Stop by anytime. 

February 14th: Valentine's Dinner Date, until 8pm, age 6-12, we'll entertain the kids with project San pizza, so you can have a date night, Poekie Nook, Mill Valley.

* February 20-24th: Open Ski Week


Colored paper (card stock works best)
Colored pencils (optional)


Fold paper in half and draw half of a heart on the folded edge. Cut it out. Fold it open/ Trace and cut the heart on another color paper.

Make a cut half way down the middle of each heart. One from the top down and the other from the bottom up.

Cut a string as long as you like. Put a little bit of glue in the top center of one heart.

Slide the two hearts together through the cuts. Put the string on the glue. Press heart and string firmly.

When the glue it dry, you can open the hearts and make them blossom.

Download PDF Here

Sophia van der Harst is the Founder of Poekie Nook, an arts enrichment program for children in Mill Valley. Born and raised in a small village in Holland, amidst a bustling artistic family, Sophia learned most of her creative skills at a young age. Since 1992, she’s been teaching hand-sewing and beading to children in Mill Valley, California. Twenty-two years and around twenty-thousand kids later, she opened Poekie Nook. Find her online at Poekie Nook or Facebook.