Inside The Poekie Nook: Easy Stars & Snowflakes

For a fun cutting practice activity try sewing some felt stars and snowflakes. Follow the Poekie Nook's easy instructions for folding and cutting felt into beautiful and unique stars and snowflakes to make any room festive.


Felt, thread, needle, sciccors, pen, beads or buttons and download the pattern HERE.

5-Pointed Star

Trace and cut the pattern once, fold star in half and close the center-gap 6 whip-stitches.

6-Pointed Star

STEP 1: Trace and cut the pattern twice, cut out the centers of both triangles, cut one point open.

STEP 2: Weave the open triangle over and under through the closed one. 

STEP 3: Close the open point with six whipstitches.


STEP 1: Trace and cut the pattern 3 times.

STEP 2: Lay the pieces in top of each other and sew together with a bead.

Hang and Enjoy

Sophia van der Harst is a certified Waldorf teacher and the founder of Poekie Nook, a drop-in sewing studio located in Tam Junction in Mill Valley. Sophia is on a mission to increase awareness of the benefits of crafting and sewing, especially during childhood. Connect with her on Facebook or email her at