Sponsored Post: Terra Marin School - Find Your Spark!


Terra Marin (formerly Pacific Discovery School) is thrilled to share the progress we have made over the past few months. News is spreading throughout Marin and San Francisco about our unique program. Our talented and experienced teachers are ready to greet students on the big day when our doors open on September 5th. 


In these months leading up to the first day of school, we have been continually striving to better our program and institution in a thoughtful and deliberate manner. Thus after much consideration, we have decided to convert our school to a non-profit corporation and have consequently changed our name. Our school, formerly Pacific Discovery, will now be known as Terra Marin School (TMS). We are so excited, as this name continues to reflect our vision and what we seek to provide for all of our students, staff and parents alike.

Terra Marin's Origin

Terra means Earth in Latin and is also the name of the Roman Goddess of Earth while Marin stems from the Latin root, Mare meaning Sea.  Terra Marin: where the Earth meets the Sea.  We see beautiful imagery evoked by the name Terra Marin, as we envision our students grounding and rooting themselves in a firm foundation of skills (academic, social and emotional), from which they will grow and soar. 


Terra Marin is a progressive Kindergarten through 8th grade program. All elements of our program speak to sparking curiosity and intellectual wonder in each child. 

In a safe and supportive environment, the curious and wondrous child will be intrinsically motivated to learn and actively seek leadership and agency over their own unique learning journey. Whether it is with our Harkness inspired teaching method or our robust Earth Education Program, Terra Marin is intentionally designed to inspire not pressure, embrace not change, and empower versus demand the best in each child. We believe that when children are heard, valued and inspired they become leaders, self advocates and impactful members in our society.

At Terra Marin, we embrace learners who seek academic challenge, but take an approach that speaks to the whole child focusing specifically on their social and emotional growth. 

We are currently accepting applications on a rolling basis and welcome any referrals you may have.  Our full-time program is K-8th mixed grades and revolves around our core curriculum, while our adjunct Homeschool Support part-time program is targeted to 5th-8th grade students seeking an additional learning resource outside of the home.