The Natural Storyteller

Ronnie's Awesome List presents a very special event with international and award winning storyteller, Geogiana Keable. Join her at a FREE outdoor storytelling celebration at Marin Waldorf School, 755 Idylberry Rd in San Rafael, on August 18 at 10 am for children 6-12 years old. 

Free Performance

The Natural Storyteller by Geogiana Keable inspires telling tales from nature. An interactive show where the audience paints and becomes the Voice of the Forest,´These tales are like a seed packet, full of amazing story seeds. When you listen to a story seed, you plant it in yourself. The more you water this seed the bigger it will grow, unleashing courage, creativity and love of nature.´


The book is a seed packet, full of dynamic story seeds. When you read a story seed, you plant it in yourself, unleashing courage, creativity and love of nature. True stories of environmental heroines and heroes, botanical tales of living trees. Stories gleaned from the treasures of world traditions, but re-visioned for sustainability and today’s child. Adventures between birds, animals and people. Fairytales from the forest and true tales of sea, earth and sky. Some so good readers will retell them at once. 

For teachers, children and all natural storytellers, with story maps, brain-teasing riddles, story skeletons and adventures to make a tale your own.

Life affirming, with a sense of adventure and fun. She knows how to talk with children. She is chatty and engaging. A journey into storytelling as well as story.
— Hugh Lupton, award-winning Storyteller
I found myself running out into the world through Georgiana’s storytelling. I wasn’t the only one. My companions, world-leading climate scientists, swiftly followed.
— Professor Ros Cornforth, The Walker Institute
The Natural Storyteller is testament to the grace, mystery and joy that have always animated our human relationships with the earth.
— Dr Donald Smith, Director of the Scottish Storytelling Centre
To protect our planet, in this hour of chronic need, we have to completely re-imagine our relationship with the natural world and its wondrous diversity. Storytelling plays a crucial part in that healing process, as Georgiana Keable so beautifully and powerfully reveals in The Natural Storyteller.
— Jonathon Porritt CBE, Forum for the Future
Dedication to nature, storytelling and young people courses through The Natural Storyteller.
— Laura Simms, leading US storyteller and author

Georgiana Keable is a pioneer for storytelling in the UK and Norway. Each year she takes thousands of teenagers up the Norwegian Pilgrims way and on botanical story adventures. Georgiana founded ‘Fortellerhuset’ (The Storytelling House) with storytellers from four continents and The Norwegian Storytelling Festival.

For more information about this special storytelling event or for a school tour, connect with the Marin Waldorf School online or at Facebook.