Lots and Lots of Christmas Tree Lots & Farms

Most Christmas Tree Lots and Farms open the day after Thanksgiving (a.k.a. Black Friday) all across the Bay Area. Some are fundraisers, some have petting zoos & hay rides, some have free candy canes and hot chocolate, and some are cut your own. What they all have in common is the sweet smell of Christmas. 



If you want to cut your own Christmas Tree then head north to Sonoma County. Some suggestions if you choose to cut your own.

  • Bring gloves to handle prickly pine needles and sticky sap and a rope, bungee cord or anything to help tie the tree to your car. Most places have this but they can run out.

  • Choose a tree that is the right size and can fit on your car and in your house.

  • Make sure trunk is straight or it will be difficult to get in your stand.

  • Cut as close to the ground as possible. Tree farms are also equipped to make sure your cut is straight or you have the option to make a second cut when you get it home.

  • Farms have mechanical shakers to remove dead pine needles as well as hitchhikers like spiders or mice.

  • Farms will also wrap or bundle your tree for you to make transportation easy and to get it on the stand at home.