The Women's March, History in the Making

Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s peaceful protests are an inspiration for the grassroot Women's Marches that have sprung up like wildfire across the country and the world. Women and men are passionately making their voices heard in hopes of making history and transform our nation.

No matter where you fall in the political spectrum, behold the awesome power of the WOMEN'S MARCH. Future generations will look back at our actions now and see our passion, hear our voice, our dedication, that we took a stance for what we believe in. Because when women organize, they are a strong force for change and for the better.

Let 2017 usher in the Age of the Woman. 

Sister Marches are solidarity events inspired by the Women's March on Washington, and organized by volunteers around the world. If you can't make it to Washington, D.C. on January 21, join a Sister March near you

Bay Area Women's Marches and Events

January 15

Solidarity Sundays monthly house parties (the 2nd Sunday of every month) 

January 20

Bridge Together, Using lengths of purple fabric, we will form the first human chain across the entire Golden Gate Bridge (and beyond), as a collaborative, grassroots, community-based demonstration and performance art piece.

January 21

Women's March San Francisco
Women's March Oakland
Women's March San Jose 
Women's March Santa Rosa
Women's March Sonoma 
Women's March Napa 
Women's March Walnut Creek
Join The Hivery Bus for the SF March, Mill Valley